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Let us introduce ourselves as a company that has been, foryears, developing and producing classical furniture, chairs and antique reproductions being specialized in making custom unique pieces.As designers, we can develop any piece of furniture you maybe interested in, for which we only need a sketch with your comments or a picture. This has been our normal procedure since we believe that there is no better catalogue than our customer's own ideas and wishes.Our company was founded in 1988. At the beginning we usedto act as designers and suppliers of new models and prototypes for other companies until, by chance in 1992 , we met an american importer who encouraged us to take a step forward and export by ourselves. He was our first customer ( now he has retired ) and soon we got others from the USA, Canada and GB.Making custom pieces is really what we are known for, so Iwould like to remind you that you could have your own designs made. We do not even run a catalog and all the models you can see at our web and Instagram may be thought of as being only examples of our work. We do nothave any piece in stock waiting for someone to buy it as we make what customers may be looking for and cannot find elsewhere.The normal procedure when placing orders with us is, first of all, provides us with all your information so that we can issue a pro forma invoice with our bank information. Payment conditions demand a 50% deposit when pro forma invoice is accepted and therefore a formal order is placed, being theremaining amount settled when goods are ready to be shipped. During all the construction process, you will be kept updated of how work progresses by means of photos/videos.

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